March 19th, 2024, is Revolution Events 25th anniversary and the new leadership team and their incredibly experienced team look forward to evolving into “the” consultants to go to for event guidance as they continue to ensure customer service for all clients remains central to every event offered.

Amid a digital age, the company steadfastly champions the power of live, face-to-face interactions, flagging that these in-person gatherings create irreplaceable energy and connections, standing as a testament to the enduring significance of in-person events.

Acknowledging the clients who’ve been integral for over two decades, Revolution emphasises that these connections go beyond client relationships, evolving into extensions of their teams.

Proudly rooted in local collaborations, Revolution prefers to partner with Kent suppliers, fusing global innovation with local charm in each event. This dedication to community also supports the sustainability efforts the company are putting into place and helps when offsetting their carbon footprint.

Celebrating a quarter-century milestone, Directors Claire, Deborah and Lydia now lead the charge into a transformative era for the company and look beyond its successful past, embracing a future of inclusivity and innovation. The Directors, and their incredibly strong team, are excited for the company’s next steps.

“Anticipate a wave of new innovations, collaborations, and experiences that redefine industry possibilities!”

Thanks to Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce for all of their support over the years, and to everyone who has collaborated with them in one way, shape or form!  The team look forward to many more collaborations with businesses in the future.

Cheers to 25 years and here’s to the next exciting chapter for Revolution Events!